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At A & W Tax Service, our Brooklyn-based team offers personalized, high-quality tax and financial services. We stay updated with the evolving tax laws and regulations to provide reliable advice for individuals and businesses alike. Be it new business setup, audit representation, or optimizing your tax strategy, we're your trusted partners.

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Personal Income Tax Services

Our tax professionals understand that your tax preparation needs are unique. Leveraging advanced software and industry best practices, we ensure that you maximize your tax benefits.

Business Accounting & Income Tax Services

We provide comprehensive bookkeeping and corporate tax services. Our team diligently reviews financial statements before filing the tax return, ensuring you understand your financial standing and tax obligations.

Payroll & Payroll Tax Services

We manage payroll services including tax impounding, deductions for benefits plans, and preparing payroll across all 50 states. Our team ensures a seamless payroll process.

Sales Tax Consultation

We review your business operations to determine sales tax obligations. We prepare, file, and schedule payments for due sales taxes for the appropriate periods.

Business Formation & Dissolution

We guide individuals in business formation and dissolution, discussing the most suitable form of business entity. From Sole Proprietorship to Corporation, we'll help you make an informed decision.

Tax Planning & Consultation

We help clients strategize their financial situation regarding potential tax liability. From suggesting tax-saving strategies to setting up installment agreements, we cover all aspects of tax planning.

Audit Assistance

We support clients facing audits by IRS, New York State, or Department of Labor. Our team is adept at handling all aspects of audit proceedings, including Workers Compensation and General Liability Audits.

IRS Representation

Our CPA and Enrolled Agent proficiently represent individuals and businesses in tax matters with the IRS and New York State. We prepare and present the necessary information to comply with any government agency, aiming for a favorable outcome for our clients.

Members of:

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)

National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA)

National Society of Tax Professionals (NATP)

National Society of Accountants (NSA)

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

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