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At A & W Tax Services, we deliver dependable and personalized tax services in NY to effectively minimize your tax liabilities and boost your savings. Our tax professional team in Brooklyn offers a wide range of services, including tax prep, accounting, and financial tax consultancy.

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Tax planning and accounting services
Personalized NY Tax and Accounting Services:

Our Brooklyn-based tax professionals customize tax prep, accounting, and financial services to align with your distinct needs and objectives.

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Ted WozniakFounder, Enrolled Agent
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Kacper GrabinskiCPA

Since our establishment in 1997, A&W has remained dedicated to bolstering small businesses not just in Greenpoint, New York, but also nationwide. Like you, we're small business owners, offering reliable tax and accounting services across NY.

With backgrounds as diverse as our clients', our team of skilled tax accountants and consultants is well-equipped to tackle the myriad of challenges faced by individuals and small businesses alike. We're your go-to tax services provider in Brooklyn and the wider NY area, committed to your financial success.

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NY Tax and Accounting Services

Personal Income Tax Services

Our Brooklyn-based tax professionals specialize in personal income tax services, providing assistance with the preparation of income tax returns for individuals across NY. Our team meticulously reviews your pay stubs to ensure accurate withholding, scrutinizes income from investments and rental properties, and verifies self-employment income among other income sources. As seasoned NY tax consultants, we stay up-to-date with the latest tax laws and regulations, ensuring competent tax services accounting.

Business Accounting & Income Tax Service

At A & W Tax Service, we offer comprehensive business accounting services including financial statement analysis and corporate income tax preparation. We're well-equipped to assist with preparing various types of business and individual tax returns, tailored to fit diverse business structures such as Sole Proprietorships, C and S-Corporations, Partnerships, and even Estates and Fiduciary Trusts. Rely on our experienced tax accountants to navigate the complexities of your business' financial needs and tax responsibilities.

Tax Preparation & Consulting: NY Tax Solutions

At A & W Tax Service, our tax professionals are dedicated to making sure you don't overpay on your taxes. We engage in thoughtful discussions about various strategies to lower your tax bill and provide robust tax prep and accounting services. Struggling with paying your taxes? We can help devise payment plans tailored to your situation. As experienced NY tax consultants, we're committed to ensuring you don't pay Uncle Sam a penny more than necessary. Don't just file your taxes, strategize with A & W.

Business Formation & Dissolution Services in NY

At A & W Tax Service, our skilled team guides aspiring business owners through the critical process of business formation. We provide thorough consultation to determine the optimal business entity for you, whether it's a Sole Proprietorship, Corporation (C or S), Partnership, or Professional Corporation. Beyond establishment, we also offer supportive services for business dissolution in New York, assisting clients through the legal and financial complexities of winding down their business.

Audit Assistance: Professional Tax Services

Audits don't have to be a daunting process. At A & W Tax Service, our seasoned NY tax consultants are here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you're grappling with an IRS audit, a New York state examination, or a Department of Labor review, our tax professional services have you covered. We extend our expertise to audits related to workers' compensation and general liability, and also offer assistance with the preparation and filing of Disability and Paid Family Leave forms. If you're facing an audit, reach out to our professional tax services in NY for reliable support.

Payroll & Payroll Tax Management: Simplified & Streamlined

The management of payroll and payroll taxes is an intricate process, and that's where we come in. At A & W Tax Service, we simplify payroll operations by handling tax computations, deductions, and direct deposit procedures. With the capacity to manage payroll across all 50 states, we're ready to address the unique needs of your business, including the processing of TIN personnel and the preparation of 945 forms. Whether you're in NY or elsewhere, you can trust our professional tax services to ease the complexities of payroll and payroll tax management for you.

NY Sales Tax Services: Accurate & Timely Filing

Navigating sales tax can be a complex process, but it's made simple with A & W Tax Service. We meticulously assess your business activities to accurately determine the sales tax obligations on your products or services. Our experienced NY tax consultants handle the preparation, filing, and timely scheduling of payments, ensuring you meet your sales tax obligations accurately and without stress. Trust us with your sales tax management – we keep you compliant while you focus on running your business.

IRS Representation: Expert Advocacy for Your Tax Matters

Navigating the labyrinth of IRS and New York State tax issues can be daunting, but you don't have to do it alone. Our Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Kacper Grabinski and Enrolled Agent Ted Wozniak with their team are well adept at representing both individuals and businesses across a spectrum of tax situations. We diligently prepare and present all essential information to government agencies, ensuring the most favorable outcome possible. If tax complexities have you feeling overwhelmed, reach out to A & W Tax Services - your trusted NY tax solutions partner.




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